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Immigration Law and Procedure Blog

Five Things Employers Need to Do When Considering Employment Sponsorship for Immigration Purposes

You’re excited about the new hire.  You’ve extended the job offer and just when you’re thinking about how much value this person will add to your organization, you get a call from the HR department: “There’s one thing the applicant … Continue reading

How a 2013 Government Shutdown Might Affect Your Immigration Case

As happened only a couple of years ago, we are faced yet again in 2013 with the threat of a government shutdown. I am re-posting this article which was originally published in 2011 with some modifications.  Because the U.S. federal … Continue reading

Unlawful Presence I-601 Waiver: Advance Copy of USCIS Final Rule

The long awaited “Advance Copy of USCIS Final Rule to Support Family Unity During Waiver Process” was just released.  This final rule relating to the unlawful presence waiver is not effective yet, but at least we’re getting a sneak peek at the regulation.  … Continue reading

Commandment #6 of Applying for Naturalization: Thou Shall Go Back to Your Roots

Not remembering important information can complicate an applicant’s naturalization application.  This is especially true when dealing with issues of eligibility.  That’s why having a copy of one’s  “A file” has become increasingly more important. The “A file” is basically a person’s record maintained by the U.S. … Continue reading

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